Glendalough, Sheringham, Norfolk, UK

Glendalough Protecting the Environment

We are committed to protecting the environment and you can help in the following ways:


There is a swing bin beside the tumble dryer for recyclable items. These are: paper (including newspapers, magazines etc), card, aluminium and steel cans (please rinse out cans where possible). The bin will be emptied into the green wheelie bin behind the garage (items emptied loose into the bin, not in plastic bags).

Waxed carton, aerosols and all other refuse, except glass, should be put in the swing bin beside the sink.

Glass – there are bottle banks on the car park opposite, adjacent to steam railway. If you are unable to take them yourself please leave empty bottles and jars in the food cupboard so we can take the to the bottle bank.


Wherever possible we use low energy light bulbs.

During the winter months the central heating will be on. There is a thermostat in the hall. When you retire for the night please turn the thermostat down to 14C; you can turn it up to 20C during the day. The radiators in each room can also be adjusted. If the house gets too warm please turn the thermostat down – do not try to cool the house down by opening doors and windows.


There are bikes for hire from the bike shop on Beeston Road. Enjoy the many walks in and around Sheringham; take the Coasthopper bus along to Cley nature reserve, or on to Blakeney and Morston (where you can go on a seal trip). Details are in the leaflet rack. Please use the litter bins and “scoop the poop”; respect the country code and help us to keep Sheringham special.